Have you always wanted to play the guitar?

Are you playing already but you're just stuck in a rut?

Guitar lessons Dublin - Patrice Revel School of Guitar

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You probably feel a bit frustrated by not knowing where to start, or maybe you tried to teach yourself, you got some practice in, but still, there is little or no progress.

Maybe you’re playing already, but you don’t feel motivated to move on, by lack of direction or structure in your practice.
Or maybe you’re all of this combined!

I know how you feel, my name is Patrice Revel, I have my own well established guitar school, based in Dublin 2. I’ve experienced the same kind of challenges as a guitar player, and in the school, I have people coming to me on a regular basis to fix the same issues.

I offer a FREE introductory lesson,  with a comprehensive evaluation of your playing, or abilities as a guitar player, click below for more info.

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Contact directly Patrice: 087 6315397

Or email: patrice@guitarlessondublin.net

Patrice Revel School Of Guitar, 1 Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin 2

Guitar lessons Dublin - Patrice Revel School of Guitar

Why should you take guitar classes?

  • Do you have enough self -motivation and discipline to get started on your own?
  • Have you mastered any guitar techniques yet by yourself, and if you did, how long did it take?
  • Do you know anyone who is able to tell you what you’re doing right (or wrong) in your playing?
  • Do you know anyone who can tell you what to learn, and how to learn it, in the right order?

Yes starting on your own is tough, but don't give up!

Guitar Lessons Dublin - Patrice Revel School of Guitar

Take action...

You see, this is where the benefits of taking guitar lessons come into place, versus trying to teach on your own. Imagine if you could have someone who can:

  • Hold your hand through the process of learning guitar, every step of the way.
  • Build the foundations of your guitar skills so you can literally play the songs you want in no time.
  • Be able to track your progress, give you feedback on your playing, correct the mistakes to avoid bad habits.
  • Keep you motivated, make you get involved in a network of musicians... AND MUCH MORE!


and you need to get the right one.

Daniel 29 yo, Dublin

I would have no hesitation recommending Patrice…

“Before starting the lessons, I thought they would be very difficult. Then I made progress faster than I expected. Patrice makes it very enjoyable. Great professionalism, and the lessons are good value for money. ”

Benefits of taking guitar lessons with us...

#1. Guitar playing goals well defined and structured lesson plans

A lot of guitar teachers in Dublin will ask you what you want to play, winging the lessons from week to week. While this method can work for some time, and (maybe) for some students, it can hurt you badly in many ways. How can you make steady progress, if you don’t set up goals, deadlines to achieve them, and have a clear map to follow?

We WILL have a plan of action for you, something proven that has been tested and re-tested over the years and make guitar players the way they want to be. On the free lesson we’re going to sit down, evaluate your playing, or your abilities if you’re a beginner, and we’ll set up a strategy that WORKS.

#2. Weekly practice objectives

Imagine if you could know exactly what to practice from week to week, with a complete follow-up system that will make you learn quicker and faster. Every lesson is followed by detailed practice plans and guidelines on objectives to achieve, short and long term.

#3. Support and feedback on your playing.

What if you could get constant feedback and support on your playing, our students have access to a library of professional video/audio tutorials that we’ve made ourselves, to illustrate ALL of your lessons with us, which comes quite handy for your practice, it’s like having the teacher at home, everyday! We have also regular recording sessions to help student evaluate their playing.

#4. Guitar lessons with extra added value.

We have systems in place to organize musical events on a regular basis. We consider them as important as the guitar instruction itself. To play the guitar you need more than just ‘normal guitar lessons’, imagine if you could JAM with other like-minded guitarists and other musicians, boost your confidence playing in public, we can get you free access to monthly band workshops, and an opportunity THREE times a year to perform in public.

Student Success Stories...

Student Performances

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  • Avail of you FREE introductory lesson with a complete evaluation of your playing/abilities.
  • Successfully learn to play the guitar in the most effective manner, with a proven strategy.
  • Improve your skills and finally play the way YOU want.
  • Benefit from the most dedicated guitar teachers in Dublin.
  • GET FAST RESULTS, and finally feel good about playing the guitar

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