You’re new to guitar and you’ve been told it is a hard instrument to learn?

Do you want to improve significantly your guitar playing?

Whether you’re afraid to start learning the guitar because you don’t know how to do it the right way, or you just feel bad about not playing the guitar well, you have to change your mindset now and find a suitable solution, it’s never too hard or too late.

I felt the same frustrations and doubts at times when I learned guitar so I know how you feel, we all started from the same point. But if you’re willing to roll-up your sleeves and with an efficient coaching, everything is possible!

The private and group guitar lessons that we offer will definitely help you to achieve your goals. If you’re serious about it and if you think it’s the right time to do something great with your guitar, then we can definitely help you.

Guitar Lessons Dublin

Guitar Programs

What We Teach

  • We teach electric, acoustic, classical guitar and bass, beginners to advanced levels, kids and adults are welcome.
  • All the modern music styles are taught, as well as we have a special program designed for classical guitar, so every style is catered for.
  • Preparation to guitar grades.
  • Music Theory, how it is applied to guitar.
  • All types of chords, scales and how to implement them in songs.
  • Solo improvisation, and all the technique you need to know in order to perform a great solo.
  • Different types of right hand technique (pick or fingers)
  • Ear training.
  • Songwriting.
  • Band Workshops to learn how to play in a band situation.

We can guarantee you significant results and achievements that could even go beyond your current expectations.

How can we be so sure about that? Well, as qualified and experienced professionals, we’ve helped, and continue to help hundreds of people with their guitar playing, on an everyday basis, all year round.

We are very confident we can give you that same helping hand, with the satisfaction of playing well that goes with it.
You can
contact me to arrange a 30mn free lesson, my school is situated in a very convenient location, in the heart of Dublin City Centre

PS: Life is short, don’t get stuck in this mindset of “I can’t do it, playing guitar is not easy”…of course you can do it, we’ll show you how.

See you very soon,



I find the lessons within a group very helpful. Since I started the classes, I definitely improved my general playing. To people considering taking lessons, I would say that it’s definitely worth doing it.


 I couldn’t progress further on my own” “I find the lessons with Patrice really really good.  Anybody considering moving forward with their playing, I would recommend these classes with no hesitation. I made so much progress in 8 months, bar chords, scales, finger-picking, tempo, strumming. I find the band workshops great as well, it’s nice to play with other people. Rachel, 30, Dublin

Testimonial 1

I would have no hesitation recommending Patrice… “Before starting the lessons, I thought they would be very difficult. Then I made progress faster than I expected. Patrice makes it very enjoyable. Great professionalism, and the lessons are good value for money. ”