Bass Lessons

Do you want to learn bass and be able to play in a band just in a few weeks?


Most of my students are guitarists. Indeed that is my main speciality. I teach also bass from beginners to intermediate aspiring bass players. It is more about just an additionnal instrument for me as I play and do regular replacements in bands.
It is a fantastic instrument to learn in so many ways!Guitar School (4)
Most guitar teachers will teach bass but with me, you won’t be taught to play like a guitarist. I started to play bass 10 years ago when I was in Paris, a time where I was not moving in guitar and was looking for other challenges.

I started to work on Jamiroquai’s bass lines 3 hours a day and I never really stopped playing bass since. Although these 2 instruments are very similar in their structure (fretboard), the bass player has obviously a different role in a band and must be ‘glued’ more than anything else to the drums and percussions.
The groove and percussive play is essential and I got techniques from several teachers down there in Paris which will help you to move a big step forward.



I teach most of the modern music styles; Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk/ RnB, Reggae

These are the topics I usually deal with:
– General right hand technique: position, regularity in keeping the beat, use of 2 and 3 fingers, slapping, shuffle and swing rhythms…
– Left hand: Common patterns using roots and fifths, sixth and flat seven and their relation to a chord.
– Bass chords
– Theory: Harmony and bass scales, and how to practice them, but also how to use them in practice.
– Improvisation.
– Ear training.
– Practice of common and well known bass lines, but also learn how to create your own…
– Workshops in band situations.



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 Contact me for more info, prices, location, etc… don’t get stuck in this mindset of “I can’t do it, playing bass is not easy” or whatever…of course you can do it, I’ll show you how !

All the Best,