fingers warmups

Warming up your stiff fingers (beginners to intermediate). This video will give you exercises to be done in order to improve strength, independence, and dexterity of you fretting hand fingers. These are not probably the most exciting exercises in the world to be done on the guitar. But done seriously on a regular basis, they will guarantee to unlock your fingers and make everything that you attempt to play on the guitar much easier!

Suggestions of Practice:

  • Practicing them all will take about 20 min, depending on how many repeats you do for each exercise.
  • Practice them every single day or every second day, over a period of 4 to 5 weeks, and admire the results!
  • You can choose just a couple of them that you like, and practice them as warm-ups for your everyday practice
  • Good for all aspects of the playing, chords, lead guitar, etc…

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