Open day – Saturday January 9th 2016

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This open day is a fantastic opportunity for you to see what our guitar school has to offer.  
During this 2 hours event, Patrice and Alice will present FREE masterclasses especially designed for beginners and intermediate players.


Masterclass 1: Beginners: How to get started playing the guitar the RIGHT WAYGuitar School (13)

We will reveal the best exercises to work on and the things you need to know when you’re a complete beginner and you want to start in the best conditions, without wasting precious time. We’ll show you essential tips on strumming technique, how to prepare your fretting hand fingers, how to change effectively with your first open chords, and more general topics on how to organize your practice time, get constant high level of motivation, etc.


Masterclass 2: Opening the doors to intermediate level
This masterclass is designed for people who are playing a bit, but would like to go to the next level.

We’ll talk about playing bar chords and master them properly. Finger picking techniques, and more sophisticated strumming patterns. We’ll talk about the first scales you need to work on and most importantly how to apply them..We’ll introduce you also to basics of music theory and how it is applied to guitar.


Masterclass 3: Juniors, welcome to the guitar world (6-12 years old)IMG-20150912-WA0001

Introduction to guitar and music for junior kids aged from 6 to 12 years old. What to expect for parents when their kid start guitar classes, how they will make their child confident players and learners.


Masterclass 4:  Beginners Classical guitar

Our Classical guitar teacher Alice will present you an inroduction on how classical guitar can be a fullfilling and fun activity.

– Excellent technique development
– Reading notation
– Aural skills (Dictation and Chord Recognition)
– Musical Theory
– Ensemble Playing


Important: Please bring your guitar, even if you don’t know how to play, we will set it up and tune it up for you.

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Allternatively you can call us on 0876315397 for more info.


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