Read First!

Live Lessons & Student Account
A good pair to help you become a great guitarist!



Landing page:
Library of lessons, PDF and audio files. All the techniques from beginners to advanced, free to download.

Read First:
Welcome page, and tips on how to use the student account.

YouTube videos:
All my youtube videos on songs and guitar techniques, all levels.

My Songbook:
A great library of 150 songs well displayed in PDF format, free to download,
with accurate lyrics, chords, tabs as well as useful tips on how to play them, a great source of songs.

IMPORTANT: I would appreciate if you don’t share the password,
as well as all, or part of the contents you will find on that account.


At least not without my permisson, putting all this things together represent  a lot of work.
This is all part of your package and for your benefit only.

The quantity of lessons is very big,
don’t get yourself overwhelmed, just use the things adapted to your level and needs.

I’m sure  it’s going to help you a lot!
Please give me your feedback on the contents and if you have any issues, don’t hesitate to ask me.

Practice and ENJOY!!