Our Philosophy

We all love guitar and music in general. I like to tell my students anecdotes about my past and present music/band experiences as a professional player and guitar student.
Practice an instrument, reach your guitar goals is easy but not that straight forward . If it was, we would all be great players, but unfortunately some days we’re tired from a long day of work, so we’re notProfessional Guitar Teacher in Dublin doing much…
Sometimes the willpower is there enough but we just don’t know what to start with…

You know, I use this analogy all the time: It’s like stopping smoking or going to the gym…everybody’s dream would be to stop smoking, get fit, or be great (or even just good enough!) at playing an instrument, (among many other examples in life) but nobody really enjoy the process enough to get there…
Some people do, others don’t, because it’s not easy or the method is not good, it’s just boring…

A big part of our job is to make our students enjoy the learning process along the way. I know it from my own experience as a player (I wasn’t always a good student!) but also from all the people we’re helping every day playing their instrument .
The key for us as teachers and musical coaches, is to diversify the methods of learning, but also the topics of practice, make our students reach challenging, but manageable goals, and all this without feeling overwhelmed.

Our Community

Guitar-School-1Music school Dublin

The other fundamental element in our guitar school is that we take a lot of pride in organizing regular musical events. We are now part of the music school  Simplymusiclessons.ie, which makes our musical community even bigger with various instruments to interact with. We’re doing a lot of jams, band workshops, various masterclasses, and also we’re giving our students the opportunity to perform live, several times a year!
We consider it is part of the development of your musicianship, and we’re doing all these events free of charge, as an extra bonus for all our students.

We’re having a strong musical community going on all year round, you’re welcome to join us!

“Learn and play with other people definitely helps playing with confidence”

“I find the lessons within a group very helpful. Since I started the classes, I definitely improved my general playing. To people considering taking lessons, I would say that it’s definitely worth doing it.

Aaron,29, Dublin

Enrolling to our programs will make you definitely start the right way, and if you’re playing already but you’re stuck, don’t hesitate to contact us. Me and my colleague Alice, are full time guitar teachers, that’s what we do, it’s our passion. We’ve helped and continue to help many people to play guitar, we can certainly help you too.